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Major Capital Projects



Specific website pages related to major capital projects being carried out on the property are created as the need arises, to keep Owners informed of the current state of progress during their execution, etc.  Once the project is complete, the relevant information is transferred to this section of the website to provide a historical record of the work that was done.

This page provides links to two Major Capital Investment projects that have been undertaken by the HOA in recent times.  Additional entries will be added as future capital projects are executed.

Flue/Firebox Remediation Project (2015)

The scope of the project included replacement of all wood-burning fireplaces within the complex, plus those fireboxes with free standing gas inserts that could potentially be converted back to wood-burning fireplaces.


Firebox/Flue Remediation Project (2015)


Property Stabilization Project (2011)

This project comprised a comprehensive and robust solution to secure both the upper building foundations and the roadway, and also included the installation of snowmelt.

Property Stabilization Project (2011)

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