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The information on this page attempts to provide Owners with answers to questions they may receive from prospective purchasers or realtors.  The information provided here is for the use of Owners, and realtors should not be given direct access to this page or the Owers section of the website.  In response to questions received, Owners may share the relevant responses contained here, and at the Owners discretion, information can also be downloaded and shared with prospective purchasers and realtors.  

The FAQs will be updated periodically as additional information requests are received. 



Frequently Asked Questions


The Board of the HOA and the Property Manager are frequently asked questions relating to various facets of the Property, either by a realtor acting for the Owner or Seller or by the prospective new Owner.  The purpose of this document is to maintain and expand a list of these questions and their responses, to act as a source of information to the HOA, the Property Manager, and current Owners. 

Note:  The responses provided here were accurate at the time of writing.  If necessary, Owners should request an update from the Board for any time-sensitive information contained in the responses below.



 Major Capital Project FAQ's 3-13-17



 Right of First Refusal FAQ's 6-9-18



Financial Management FAQ's 4-4-18



 Contract and Title Transfer FAQ's 6-9-18



 Mortgage-Related FAQ's 9-29-17



 Miscellaneous FAQ's 9-29-17



Questionnaires received and Responses provided


EB General Mortgage Questionnaire

EB Condo Hotel Questionnaire

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