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SMC Association, Owner and Common Utility Charges



It is not always clear to Owners what responsibilities, and therefore what charges, are covered by the HOA in their role in maintaining the common elements and limited common elements of the property, and what responsibilities and costs fall to the Owner, their individual property Manager, or the rental agency working on their behalf.

The document on this page provides guidance on the property management services billed to the HOA and those that may be billed to a rental agency or property management company working on behalf of a specific Owner.  Although this document was written at a time when Snowmass Hospitality was the SMC HOA property manager and who at the time also had separate rental agreements with several Owners, the general principles are still relevant, whomever the HOA Property Management Company is and whoever is acting for the Owner.



HOA vs. Owner Charges


Explanation of Association vs. Mighty Mouse Management charges


Common Utility Billing and Maintenance Explanation


Certain utilities are shared between Units within a building.  The information on this page describes how charges for common or shared gas and electric utilities are apportioned to individual Owners.  A separate document describes the HOA policy for the maintenance of the common hot water heating systems within Buildings A, B/C, and D/E.


Common Utility Charges




Maintenance of Common Heating Systems


Common Heating System Policy

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