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Remodeling Projects by Owners: HOA requirements




 As part of the responsibility that the Board has to Owners, the Board has to approve any remodeling or related activity that impacts the exterior appearance of the property or when a contractor will be on the property for more than 1 day.


The Board also requires that soundproofing be added to certain flooring installations, as described in the Remodel Application for Board Approval Form below and in the SMC Rules and Regulations.  A Soundproofing Guide that provides the rationale for this requirement and gives some additional background is also included on this page.  Similarly, while other interior remodeling may not require Board approval, the activities can nevertheless impact owners' enjoyment of the property (noise, multiple contractor vehicles, on-site equipment, presence of dumpsters, etc.).  The Board, therefore, requests that Owners inform the Board ahead of time on their remodeling plans.  Owners considering a remodel of their unit should review these documents prior to initiating any project, and discuss their plans with the Property Manager and/or the Board.  The Board will also inform all Owners of any approved remodeling project taking place in the complex so that they are aware of the activity and any potential inconvenience.

The forms on this page are provided to make this as easy as possible for Owners to provide the necessary information to the Board and ensure that their contractors are aware of the rules of the complex and perform the work in a considerate manner. Word versions of the PDF documents below are available from the Property Manager.  The final document, "Remodel Packet Complete" includes all the necessary documents needed that are listed above it.



Remodel Documents - PDF


Remodel Rules

Remodel Guidelines and Instructions

Remodel Application for Board Approval

Remodel Project Checklist for Individual Unit Owners

Remodel Notification to Owners Example Letter

Remodel Notice of Completion


Indemnity Agreement 

Remodel Packet Complete



Soundproofing guideline


 SMC Soundproofing Guideline July 2018


Floor Leveling guideline


SMC Floor Leveling Guidline Dec 2019

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