Hot Tub and Spa Reservation System



 Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, and to keep our residents safe, we were forced to go to a reservation system for the Hot Tub and Gym.  There is only one household allowed at one time.  A properly worn face covering (covering the mouth and nose) must be worn at all times while in the gym and A building.  It is not necessary to wear a face-covering while in the hot tub.  If anyone is seen in the A building either not wearing a face covering or not wearing one properly, their key card will be shut down without notice.  Please keep in mind there is a security camera in the building.  The sauna and bathrooms will remain closed.


Until further notice, this service is intended full time or seasonal residents only of one household.

How to book

The reservations are done with two different internet addresses.  Each reservation is for half an hour.  Once you choose your time you will need to enter your name and unit number.  The addresses are below.

Hot tub -

Gym -