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Comcast account information


If you have any trouble with the existing equipment we provided, call the Xfinity Communities Bulk Support Center as shown below.  If you speak to a regular Comcast person (residential) they do not have access to our bulk account info.


Bulk account and Unit account  information


Xfinity Communities Bulk Support Center - 855-307-4896


Every unit has its own account number and the complex has a bulk master account number (This pays for the services covered by the HOA).   You should not need any account numbers, the address, and your unit number should suffice.  If they cannot find your account, perhaps the master bulk account number will help them find it.  Once they find your account, take note of what that number is for future calls.


SMC master bulk account number 8497505320283873.


Our address:

Snowmass Mountain condominiums

55 Upper Woodbridge road

Snowmass Village, Co, 81615



Additional Tv hookups


If you want an additional tv set up in another bedroom, and there is an existing outlet, they can get an HD DTA which would need to connect to an outlet and that box would be covered through the HOA bulk agreement. (Our bulk agreement provides service for 3 TV’s per unit)


If there is no outlet, the options are a wireless box.  There will be a charge of $9.95/month paid by you.  If you want a hard-wired TV box, you would need to call in and have an account set up in your name and schedule an install. To set up an onsite appointment, call the Xfinity Communities Bulk Support Center at 855-307-4896.  An installation fee of $90 may be billed to your account.



HOA Services provided


This is the service the HOA provides:


• Xfinity HD Video:

o Digital Starter Channel Lineup, with HD

o HBO Premium Channels

o X1 HD TV Box on the first outlet

o HD Digital Adapter on up to two additional outlets


• Xfinity Internet:

o Performance Pro tier: 100Mbps download, 5Mbps upload

o Cable Modem with firewall, wired switch and dual-band Wi-Fi Access Point

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